4 Signs You Need Toilet Repair Service

We use our toilets every single day, so it’s essential that they are in great shape. Just like every plumbing device in your home, you will eventually need repairs for your toilet. Knowing when to get toilet repair can prevent a complete toilet replacement. Below are five signs you need toilet repair service.

Your Toilet Is Always Running

4 Signs You Need Toilet Repair Service

Find Out When You Need To Call for Toilet Repair!

A toilet will usually run for a minute after you flush the toilet and then stop. If you continue to hear the toilet running several minutes after flushing the toilet, you will need to call to get it repaired. The flapper in the tank could be damaged, which causes it to run continuously.

Your Toilet Is Not Flushing

Does it seem like you have to flush more than once to ensure everything goes down? There could be several reasons why your toilet isn’t flushing, which includes damage to the water valve or perhaps the lift chain.

Your Toilet Is Leaking

Leaks in your toilet can occur two places, at the tank or the base of the toilet. No matter where the leak is, it’s so important to call a plumber right away so you can prevent water damage and flooding in your home.

Your Toilet Is Flushing When No One is in the Bathroom

When you hear flushing when no one is in the bathroom, this is due to a flap that is damaged; the water will drain through the flap and cause this phantom flushing. It needs to be addressed right away.

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