4 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

Our drains are one of the most important things that keep our plumbing systems working. However, there are things that we put down our drains that can cause serious damage. Drain maintenance can help the drain stay in good condition, but there are five things you should never put down the drain in order to have a good working drain.

drain maintenance

Certain Types of Food

Put this on your drain maintenance list of foods that should never go down the drain: coffee grounds, eggshells, fatty foods, cooking oils, and animals bones. These are no-no’s and can seriously mess up your drain.

Biodegradable Household Items That Aren’t Toilet Paper

If toilet paper can go down the drain, so can paper towels, wipes, and q-tips, right? Absolutely not. While these items are biodegradable, they should never be flushed down the drain. Place them in the trash can and make sure they never go down the drain again.

Toxic Materials

Never ever put anything toxic down the drain. But what is considered toxic to a drain? Well, cleaning products, car cleaning products, paint, you get the idea. None of these things should ever go down the drain. They can mess with our drains and our water.

Any Type of Medicine

Just like chemical cleaners and paint, you should never put medicine down the drain. You can drop it off at a medical facility and save your drain and pipes.

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