4 Unexpected Items to Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal

When it comes to garbage disposals, there multiple items that may damage your system. Most people know that items such as bones, grease, fruit pits, and shells shouldn’t go into the disposal. But there are some items that you may have never thought of that could be harming your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Donts

Improper Disposal Use Can Lead to the Need for Replacement.


This sticky, gooey food only thickens as it cools and can cause big problems for your disposal by sticking to its components. To avoid a sticky situation with your disposal, keep oatmeal in the trash.


Dough of any sort, from leftover biscuit dough to homemade play dough is off limits to garbage disposals. These concoctions leave residue in your disposal that can clog the lines, dull the blades, and even put stress on the motor.


If you have children, chances are you’re guilty of putting paint down the garbage disposal. The problem is sometimes it doesn’t fully wash down, leaving residue on your disposal’s components that can cause premature wear and tear.


Even though this sticky food tends to dissolve when it comes into contact with water, any remnants will cause strain on your motor and grinder. This strain could lead to premature damage or even complete shutdown.

In order to keep your garbage disposal clean and working properly, limit use to small, soft foods. If you have a question about acceptable foods in your disposal or you think your disposal needs repair, call the 1st Plumber to Call experts now at (404) 758-6237. We’ll get your disposal performing great again fast.