Water Leak Detection in Homes

Water leak Detection Services Have Revealed Black Mold Behind a Trash Bin.

Water Leak Detection Services Often Begin with a Visual Inspection for Any Signs of Leak Damage.

Water leak detection services have revolutionized the way that plumbers and roofers approach water leaks, and have made it easier than ever to perform repairs. This is highly advantageous to homeowners, as no one wants to deal with the consequences of a long-term leak in their home. Aside from damage to your property and possessions, leaks can also prove greatly frustrating. For example, they might appear only when it rains, and necessitate the employment of various receptacles to catch water. You might also notice only the tangential effects of a leak, and find yourself unable to locate the leak itself. When it comes to damage, water leaks are highly effective at a number of negative consequences. If the leak originates in your roof, water may rot your decking and ruin insulation before it finally generates the telltale drop from your ceiling. Plumbing leaks in your yard or home can also render considerable damage, both to your landscaping and the structural elements of your house.

When it comes to suspected water leaks, you should never delay your call to a professional. Even minor leaks have the potential to evolve into major problems, and spread damage in a variety of ways. If the leak is located in your home, you face the possibility of mold proliferation, along with damage to your walls, ceiling, flooring, and more. If the leak is located underground, then the likely sources are your main water line and sewer line. Leaks in either of these can quickly evolve into full-blown crises, and necessitate immediate, emergency repair services. Thankfully, professional plumbers such as those you’ll find at 1st Plumber To Call, Inc.  can perform a range of water leak detection services. This makes it much easier to not only locate the source of the problem, but make timely repairs. If you have the need for water leak detection services in Canton and Marietta, GA, call our team right away at .

Water Leak Detection for Home

Water Leak Detection Services with Thermal Imaging That Reveals a Pipe in the Wall.

Plumbers and Roofers Can Employ Thermal Imaging Equipment to Isolate the Source of Leaks.

A skilled plumbing professional should know precisely how to detect water leaks. As a matter of fact, modern technology has made this service easier and more reliable than ever before. In previous decades, a plumber could cause a great deal of tangential damage simply through the search for a water leak’s source. This would leave the homeowner responsible not only for the cost of leak repair, but also the expenses for yard repair, or the restoration of interior walls and flooring.

Luckily, modern technology such as thermal imaging has made it relatively easy for both plumbers and roofers to find water leaks. Modern methods of leak detection are completely non-invasive, and will leave you responsible only for the damage caused through the leak itself. In addition to a lack of property damage, leak detection technologies allow professional contractors to pinpoint the precise location of a leak, rather than a general area. This results in both faster service and fewer labor hours on the invoice.

Common Questions About Water Leaks

At 1st Plumber To Call, Inc., we frequently encounter questions related to water leaks and water leak detection services. If you’ve ever wondered how does water leak detection work, you’ve come to the right place.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Water Leak?

A variety of signs can serve to indicate a water leak. When you consider the damage that a hidden water leak can cause, it makes sense to remain vigilant to a few symptoms. Pay attention for the following signals. Should they appear, call a trusted plumbing professional for water leak detection services.

  • High Water Bills: An unexplained increase in your water bill often signals a leak.
  • Running Meter: If you close all the taps in your home, and your water meter still turns, you have a hidden leak.
  • Presence of Mold: Leaks introduce moisture into the darkened areas inside your walls and ceiling where mold loves to thrive.
  • Water Stains: As a leak travels through your roofing materials to your ceiling, it adopts an unattractive, brownish hue that will stain ceilings and walls.
  • Peeling Paint: A leak inside your wall can lead to peeling paint or warped wallpaper.

How Can You Detect a Water Leak?

Technological developments have led to a few different advanced water leak detection services. Different professionals may use assorted equipment and techniques, but the end result of non-invasive repairs should remain the same.

Visual Inspections: Most plumbing and roofing professionals will begin their leak detection with a visual inspection. Plumbers will look for signs such as warped wallpaper and flooring, the growth of mildew, or damp spots. Roofers will look for signs of damage, such as missing or broken shingles, or damaged flashing. These visual inspections help professionals isolate a general area for their leak detection equipment.

Thermal Imaging: Often employed by roofers, thermal imaging devices can detect the differences in temperature between water and construction materials.

Listening Equipment: Just as the telltale drip from a faucet can indicate a need for repair, the noise created by a hidden leak can reveal its presence. To detect these noises, some plumbers employ advanced listening equipment that can penetrate through walls and flooring to reveal the telltale sounds of drips or running water.

Camera Inspections: If other methods fail to track down the leak, camera inspections will present a dependable  solution. Plumbers often employ specialized video equipment that can travel directly through a pipe. This represents non-invasive technology at its finest, since cameras allow a plumber to review the interior workings of your plumbing without punching a hole in your wall.

How Do You Stop a Water Leak?

A Roofer Performing Water Leak Detection Services on a Roof.

Roof Leaks Often Originate from Damaged Flashing or Roofing Materials.

This depends on the source of the leak. If the leak exists in your piping, a plumber has numerous methods at their disposal for leak repair. One method could involve covering the damaged area with epoxy, followed with a piece of rubber secured through clamps. For major leaks, the plumber will remove the damaged section entirely and replace it with new piping.

As for roof leaks, much depends on the roofing material. For a standard asphalt shingle roof, the roofer will typically employ sealant over the leak itself, then replace damaged roofing materials or flashing with new materials. For extensive leaks that have rendered a great deal of damage to your roof’s frame or decking, or widespread damage to the roofing materials themselves, the roofer may recommend a whole new roof installation.

Is a Water Leak Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Whether a water leak can receive coverage from homeowner’s insurance depends on a few different factors. First of all, you must determine whether the leak is related to your plumbing, or your roofing. If the leak comes from your plumbing, most homeowner’s policies will only cover repairs should the leak appear suddenly and accidentally. If the adjuster determines that the leak developed out of poor maintenance habits, then you will not receive coverage.

As for a roofing leak, most develop from storm damage. If this applies for your situation, then the insurance company should absolutely cover the cost of leak and damage repair. As a matter of fact, most reputable roofing companies will even offer their help with a roof leak insurance claim.

Local Experts for Water Leak Detection Services

At 1st Plumber To Call, Inc., we offer premier services for home water leak detection. The next time you suspect a leak, reach out to us without delay. Our team will arrive promptly and employ advanced leak detection technology to isolate your problem. From there, we can perform repairs of matchless quality. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call anytime at .

Does Plumbing Need Fall Maintenance?

Pipe with a Crack

Plumbing Can Be Easily Damaged During The Colder Months.

With fall on the way, many people are focusing on roof repair and heating maintenance. However, have you considered the needs of your plumbing as well? Colder temperatures can put your plumbing at risk for many hazards, including pipe bursts and sewer backups. However, with a little bit of time and maintenance from a Canton, GA plumbing service, you can ensure your plumbing is ready for anything. It is important to complete maintenance to prevent dangerous problems. Maintenance can include:

  • Insulating your pipes
  • Inspecting the sump pump
  • Sewer line inspection and snaking
  • Make sure your water heater will last

Winter Plumbing Issues

During the colder months, you may see signs and notices telling you to be safe with your plumbing and possibly run the tap. The reason and concern over this are that because much of your plumbing may be readily exposed to the cold, they can be damaged by it especially if there is still water in the pipes. These issues can include your pipes bursting from frozen and thawed water, your sewer line breaking, and even water heater failure. These situations are very difficult during the fall and winter and can leave you in a hazardous environment for your health and living. Prevent this when you have fall plumbing service and maintenance! 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. is your source for expert plumbing in Canton and Marietta, GA. We provide you with the best service and repair in town. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to get started on your fall plumbing service needs today!

Can a Pipe Burst in the Summer?

Burst Pipe Service

A Burst Pipe Can Damage Your Home’s Structure and Create an Environment for Mold.

When you hear the term “burst pipe repair,” many people instantly relate it to the winter time. During the winter, we hear a lot of information about how water can freeze within your pipes as the temperature drops, expanding and causing extensive damage to your plumbing system. However, did you know the pipes can likewise burst in the summertime? Just like the winter, extreme heat can affect your plumbing leading to a burst pipe, and other factors such as clogs or even increased utilization can also affect your system. This can lead to the need for repair or even repiping service for your home depending upon the extent of the damage.

When is Repiping Necessary?

As stated previously, it is usually only necessary to repipe a home due to a burst pipe when there is extensive damage. Many repair services will merely require a certain area of plumbing be repaired or replaced in order to return flow to your system. However, if you find yourself in need of burst pipe service, consider a few possible questions about the state of your home plumbing before dismissing repiping service entirely:

  • If your home’s plumbing older?
  • Is your water coming out of the faucet with a red or brown tint?
  • Is the water pressure inadequate?
  • Are more and more leaks springing up in your home plumbing?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, asking your plumber for an inspection as well as burst pipe repair can help you determine if it is time for new plumbing instead. Repiping can also be seen as a way to improve your home’s value with quality plumbing systems. When choosing the new pipes for your home, you have a variety of options, from cast iron to modern PVC pipe. With the available options, you can choose a plumbing system that will last a long time and give you quality benefits.

Quality Plumbing Service

Do you believe your home has burst pipe issues? The plumbing technicians at 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. are here to help! We provide excellent inspection and quality repair that will restore flow to your home. Want to get started today? Reach out to our professionals when you dial (404) 758-6237 for your service needs.

4 Signs You Need Toilet Repair Service

We use our toilets every single day, so it’s essential that they are in great shape. Just like every plumbing device in your home, you will eventually need repairs for your toilet. Knowing when to get toilet repair can prevent a complete toilet replacement. Below are five signs you need toilet repair service.

Your Toilet Is Always Running

4 Signs You Need Toilet Repair Service

Find Out When You Need To Call for Toilet Repair!

A toilet will usually run for a minute after you flush the toilet and then stop. If you continue to hear the toilet running several minutes after flushing the toilet, you will need to call to get it repaired. The flapper in the tank could be damaged, which causes it to run continuously.

Your Toilet Is Not Flushing

Does it seem like you have to flush more than once to ensure everything goes down? There could be several reasons why your toilet isn’t flushing, which includes damage to the water valve or perhaps the lift chain.

Your Toilet Is Leaking

Leaks in your toilet can occur two places, at the tank or the base of the toilet. No matter where the leak is, it’s so important to call a plumber right away so you can prevent water damage and flooding in your home.

Your Toilet Is Flushing When No One is in the Bathroom

When you hear flushing when no one is in the bathroom, this is due to a flap that is damaged; the water will drain through the flap and cause this phantom flushing. It needs to be addressed right away.

To get toilet repair service in Canton and Marietta, GA, please call 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. at (404) 758-6237 today.

4 Unexpected Items to Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal

When it comes to garbage disposals, there multiple items that may damage your system. Most people know that items such as bones, grease, fruit pits, and shells shouldn’t go into the disposal. But there are some items that you may have never thought of that could be harming your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Donts

Improper Disposal Use Can Lead to the Need for Replacement.


This sticky, gooey food only thickens as it cools and can cause big problems for your disposal by sticking to its components. To avoid a sticky situation with your disposal, keep oatmeal in the trash.


Dough of any sort, from leftover biscuit dough to homemade play dough is off limits to garbage disposals. These concoctions leave residue in your disposal that can clog the lines, dull the blades, and even put stress on the motor.


If you have children, chances are you’re guilty of putting paint down the garbage disposal. The problem is sometimes it doesn’t fully wash down, leaving residue on your disposal’s components that can cause premature wear and tear.


Even though this sticky food tends to dissolve when it comes into contact with water, any remnants will cause strain on your motor and grinder. This strain could lead to premature damage or even complete shutdown.

In order to keep your garbage disposal clean and working properly, limit use to small, soft foods. If you have a question about acceptable foods in your disposal or you think your disposal needs repair, call the 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. experts now at . We’ll get your disposal performing great again fast.

Plumbing Inspections: 3 Reasons to Schedule Yours

Basic Plumbing Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Will Protect You From Emergency Repairs in the Future.

Have you been putting off that inspection from your friendly neighborhood plumber? A lot of homeowners forget to consider their plumbing system until a major leak or fracture occurs. With a plumbing inspection, you find significant savings year to year and maintain your plumbing system for much longer. Here’s how plumbing inspections saves you money.

Benefit #1: Preventative Maintenance

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” This popular idiom offers sound advice for many facets of life, but plumbing isn’t one of them. In fact, waiting till a part of your plumbing system breaks will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement parts. Over course of your system’s lifetime, preventative maintenance will allow you to pay a mere fraction of what emergency services would cost. Think of all the water leaks, flooring damage, mold growth, and septic discharge you won’t have to deal with as a result of simple, inexpensive maintenance!

Benefit #2: The Latest Tech

Twenty years ago, your local plumber would have to peel back paneling and dig up the yard to perform a simple inspection. With modern scanning and camera technology however, plumbers and homeowners alike can skip the hassle and easily detect signs of degradation. Homeowners can also learn about the latest methods for conserving and purifying their water supply.

Benefit #3: Future Financial Planning

One of the best perks of regular plumbing inspections is the ability to create financial plans for the future. If you know your plumbing system will need replacement parts in a few years, you can start saving now. You might even find upgrades to save on your home’s water and energy consumption.

For more information about plumbing or sewer inspections or water-saving tips, you can talk to one of our specialists at 1st Plumber To Call, Inc.. Give us a call at.

Your Toilet Options

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or your toilet has seen its last flush, getting a new fixture can be surprisingly overwhelming. Today, there are so many commode choices that most are unsure of what they want or need. Thes basic toilet features can help lead the way.

Your Toilet Options Go on and on. Let Us Help.

Two Piece Models

Toilets re available in two-piece models that have separate bowls and tanks. While these promote easier replacement because you only have to replace the broken piece, they are more difficult to clean and easier to break.

One-Piece Models

Classic one-piece toilets have been around for years and provide a simple, affordable option. However, these toilets can prove to be expensive to replace and are quite heavy.

Tankless and Wall Models

Believe it or not, you can now get a toilet without a tank at all. These toilets hook directly to water lines so they bypass the need for a tank. However, while these systems are incredibly water efficient and easy to clean, they are quite costly initially.

Water Saving Units

A great feature that comes with many toilets today is water efficiency. Ensuring your get an efficient toilet can help save you money on water costs throughout the life of your toilet. These units can be available in double-flush units, low flow units, and tankless versions.

Adding the Extras

Today, you can get just about any product you’re looking for, even in commodes. In some upscale home and apartments, bidets are used to freshen up. Other great add-ons can include radios, hot water options, and even musical editions.

If you would like to know more about your toilet options or which is best for your home, call the 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. experts at to speak with a plumbing specialist today.

When Do I Need Septic System Services?

Septic System Issues

Septic System Issues Can Create a Plumbing Emergency For Your Home.

Your septic tank is not a particular part of your plumbing that you may worry about often. These systems are buried in the backyards of homes, making them not visible and allowing homeowners to forget about them. However, you could find that one day it has failed, causing an emergency in your home. When this happens, there can be any number of causes. Regular cleaning and pumping can ensure that your system stays at its best but the question is: How can you tell if your septic system has an issue and needs service immediately? There are a few key indicators that can make the difference between plumbing service and plumbing emergency. 

Signs Of Septic System Issues

Slow Drains

Have you noticed your sinks and tubs draining water slower than normal? Slow drains could indicate that there is a backup in your plumbing, preventing the normal dispersal of waste and water from your home. It is important to have a plumber inspect your system when you have slow drains, as what could initially look like just a clog could actually be a bigger problem in your pipes.

Lawn Concerns

One sign of septic problems is notably greener grass and standing water in a yard. While greener grass may sound pleasant, this will appear as a green patch and means possible leakage from your system. This area of your lawn will grow more rapidly than the rest as well. Puddles of standing water may additionally have a bad odor, as this is wastewater leaking from your system. Both of these indicate that your system needs immediate service. 

Gurgling Pipes and Toilet Issues

Are you having trouble flushing your toilet? When it does flush, is there audible gurgling from the pipes? If your plumbing is talking back to you or your toilet is not cooperating, there is a good chance that you have a backed up septic system. Pumping can prevent this from growing into a larger issue and causing damage to your plumbing.

Having your septic tank get regular maintenance and cleaning from 1st Plumber to Call can ensure that you never have to worry about septic system backups. Want to get started today? Give us a call at (404) 758-6237 for your septic cleaning and maintenance in Canton and Marietta, GA!

Make Better Use of Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are generally lasting, strong machines. They are meant to grind for years. That doesn’t mean that all disposal models are the same. Some are made better than others, and some will last longer than others when they get good care. However, most people make several common mistakes when they use their garbage disposals that cut down on the devices’ lives.

Garbage Disposals are Not Indestructible

Food and Water Going in Disposal

Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal

Because disposals are so sturdy, people often forget that they can’t handle grinding everything. Even some foods are simply too much for your device. Eggshells are a good example of something that seems like it would be find for a grinder; after all, they’re fragile. But, it’s not recommended that you put those down the garbage disposal. Ultimately, you should only put very soft foods down the disposals.

You also need to clean your disposal. People often let their disposals sit for years without cleaning them. All you need is some vinegar and baking soda. Set it sit for a few minutes, then grind and rinse. Between cleanings, remember to run the disposal with water between uses to help prevent buildup. All this will also help prevent odors.

It’s a good idea to learn how to do very basic resets and repairs of your system. Read the manual, and ask your professional plumber. When your garbage disposal stops working and you can’t figure out why, or you have any other plumbing problems in Canton, GA, call 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. at (404) 758-6237.

Get Your Plumbing Inspected for the New Year

The start of the new year can be a fun time. It’s a chance to start over and do better in the next year. Of course, sometimes, as you build that list of resolutions and things to-do, it can also seem a little overwhelming. However, those items on your list will probably make your life a little better, or easier. Just take them one at a time. For the sake of your home, add getting your plumbing inspected to your list.

When is the Last Time You Called a Plumber?

Man Inspecting Under Sink

Get Your Plumbing Inspected for the New Year.

Did you have any sink or toilet clogs in the recent year? Did you try to handle them yourself, or did you call a plumber? Even if you didn’t have any major plumbing-related incidents in the year–which would make you very lucky–that doesn’t mean your plumbing system is perfect. That’s why inspections exist–to help you make sure that all is well with your plumbing, and to catch problems before they become expensive.

If you wait until you have a major plumbing crisis, you could be looking at expenses you can’t afford. Letting a plumber look at your system each year is a preventative care method. If you do it at the beginning of the year and take care of any issues then, you could be looking at a plumbing crisis-free rest of the year. Call a plumber out and tell him or her all about your system. Don’t neglect to mention even small plumbing problems, like clogs and backups, even if you think you solved them. You can even ask for a thorough cleaning in addition to your inspection so that you can start the year with clean pipes and drains.

Start the new year off right and get your plumbing inspected in Canton, GA. Call 1st Plumber To Call, Inc. at (404) 758-6237 for professional plumbing services.