How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency

Photo of plumbing emergencyPlumbing emergencies happen, and the important thing is to know how to handle the situation. Whether your faucet will not shut off or your toilet has begun leaking, a plumbing emergency can make many people start to panic. Water can cause excessive damage to a home and property, however, the important thing is to take a breath and keep calm. There are a few measures you can take to protect your home when an emergency occurs. 

Plumbing Emergency Tips

#1 Turn Off Your Main

First things first, stop the water! Find the shut-off valve of your water main and turn your water off temporarily. This will keep more water from damaging your home as well as prevent your water bill from skyrocketing. If the issue is with an individual fixture, there should be valves located in the vicinity of the fixture. This means you can keep your main water on and just turn off the water to that area.

#2 Move Your Property

Save your property from damage! Water can cause considerable harm and damage to your belongings so it is important to move things away from the affected area. If you notice that water has already gotten to an item, take notes and photographs. You may need these if you end up filing with your homeowners or renters insurance.

#3 Clear Your Drains & The Area

Make sure any clogs are removed from your drains. Your drains are the one piece of plumbing that will truly help during an emergency, carrying away all the harmful water. Once that is done, begin cleaning the area and getting as much water or sewage out as you can. Remember, the longer water sits, the more time it has to do damage.

#4 Call Your Plumber

Once you have stopped the water, remember that this is just a temporary measure. It is time to call your local plumber. Work out the best time for them to come by and have plumbing repairs taken care of as soon as possible.

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