When Do I Need Septic System Services?

Septic System Issues

Septic System Issues Can Create a Plumbing Emergency For Your Home.

Your septic tank is not a particular part of your plumbing that you may worry about often. These systems are buried in the backyards of homes, making them not visible and allowing homeowners to forget about them. However, you could find that one day it has failed, causing an emergency in your home. When this happens, there can be any number of causes. Regular cleaning and pumping can ensure that your system stays at its best but the question is: How can you tell if your septic system has an issue and needs service immediately? There are a few key indicators that can make the difference between plumbing service and plumbing emergency. 

Signs Of Septic System Issues

Slow Drains

Have you noticed your sinks and tubs draining water slower than normal? Slow drains could indicate that there is a backup in your plumbing, preventing the normal dispersal of waste and water from your home. It is important to have a plumber inspect your system when you have slow drains, as what could initially look like just a clog could actually be a bigger problem in your pipes.

Lawn Concerns

One sign of septic problems is notably greener grass and standing water in a yard. While greener grass may sound pleasant, this will appear as a green patch and means possible leakage from your system. This area of your lawn will grow more rapidly than the rest as well. Puddles of standing water may additionally have a bad odor, as this is wastewater leaking from your system. Both of these indicate that your system needs immediate service. 

Gurgling Pipes and Toilet Issues

Are you having trouble flushing your toilet? When it does flush, is there audible gurgling from the pipes? If your plumbing is talking back to you or your toilet is not cooperating, there is a good chance that you have a backed up septic system. Pumping can prevent this from growing into a larger issue and causing damage to your plumbing.

Having your septic tank get regular maintenance and cleaning from 1st Plumber to Call can ensure that you never have to worry about septic system backups. Want to get started today? Give us a call at (404) 758-6237 for your septic cleaning and maintenance in Canton, GA!