Plumbing Inspections: 3 Reasons to Schedule Yours

Basic Plumbing Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Will Protect You From Emergency Repairs in the Future.

Have you been putting off that inspection from your friendly neighborhood plumber? A lot of homeowners forget to consider their plumbing system until a major leak or fracture occurs. With a plumbing inspection, you find significant savings year to year and maintain your plumbing system for much longer. Here’s how plumbing inspections saves you money.

Benefit #1: Preventative Maintenance

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” This popular idiom offers sound advice for many facets of life, but plumbing isn’t one of them. In fact, waiting till a part of your plumbing system breaks will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement parts. Over course of your system’s lifetime, preventative maintenance will allow you to pay a mere fraction of what emergency services would cost. Think of all the water leaks, flooring damage, mold growth, and septic discharge you won’t have to deal with as a result of simple, inexpensive maintenance!

Benefit #2: The Latest Tech

Twenty years ago, your local plumber would have to peel back paneling and dig up the yard to perform a simple inspection. With modern scanning and camera technology however, plumbers and homeowners alike can skip the hassle and easily detect signs of degradation. Homeowners can also learn about the latest methods for conserving and purifying their water supply.

Benefit #3: Future Financial Planning

One of the best perks of regular plumbing inspections is the ability to create financial plans for the future. If you know your plumbing system will need replacement parts in a few years, you can start saving now. You might even find upgrades to save on your home’s water and energy consumption.

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