Does Plumbing Need Fall Maintenance?

Pipe with a Crack

Plumbing Can Be Easily Damaged During The Colder Months.

With fall on the way, many people are focusing on roof repair and heating maintenance. However, have you considered the needs of your plumbing as well? Colder temperatures can put your plumbing at risk for many hazards, including pipe bursts and sewer backups. However, with a little bit of time and maintenance from a Canton, GA plumbing service, you can ensure your plumbing is ready for anything. It is important to complete maintenance to prevent dangerous problems. Maintenance can include:

  • Insulating your pipes
  • Inspecting the sump pump
  • Sewer line inspection and snaking
  • Make sure your water heater will last

Winter Plumbing Issues

During the colder months, you may see signs and notices telling you to be safe with your plumbing and possibly run the tap. The reason and concern over this are that because much of your plumbing may be readily exposed to the cold, they can be damaged by it especially if there is still water in the pipes. These issues can include your pipes bursting from frozen and thawed water, your sewer line breaking, and even water heater failure. These situations are very difficult during the fall and winter and can leave you in a hazardous environment for your health and living. Prevent this when you have fall plumbing service and maintenance! 1st Plumber to Call is your source for expert plumbing in Canton, GA. We provide you with the best service and repair in town. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to get started on your fall plumbing service needs today!