Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Services

Is that old bathroom or kitchen just starting to become an eyesore. Or maybe you just want to do a bit of remodeling before you sell your house. Whatever the case may be you can rest assured that the friendly experts of 1st Plumber to Call have your back. Let our plumbers make your dream bathroom a reality! If you’d like to learn more about we can do for you and your bathroom or kitchen give us a call today at (404) 758-6237. Make sure to make 1st Plumber to Call your 1st choice when it comes to kitchen remodeling, or bathroom remodeling in Canton and Woodstock, GA.

Never too late for a fresh start

remodeling jobWhen you think about the rooms that you use the most, what’s the first thing that comes to mind. Probably your kitchen, and your bathroom. Doesn’t it make sense that’d you want these rooms to be the best they can be. Your bathroom is almost like a home within your home where you can escape to for a few moments of peaceful tranquility. Some people are simply afraid of the initial price tag, or worried that it’ll take to long to finish. Here at 1st Plumber to Call we can handle projects of all sizes and all budget types. We’ll finish your brand new kitchen or bathroom in no time at all. So when you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bathroom make 1st Plumber your 1st choice. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to see what we can do for you.

Can I do a remodel?

newly remodeled bathroomThere are several things that need to be taken into consideration before starting any remodeling project. Make sure to check out 1st Plumber to Call and have one of our skilled plumbing technicians come out to your home to make sure what you want done, actually can be done. The last thing you want is to do a lot of repiping when it comes to your next remodel. Some of the things to consider when you’re looking for kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling are:

  • The location of existing plumbing systems
  • Risk of existing plumbing issues
  • Local codes and laws regarding plumbing
  • Existing damage in flooring, walls, and roofing

With over 20 years worth of experience you can rest assured that 1st Plumber to Call will be able to do the job right the first time. Our experienced plumbing professionals will have a clear idea of just what needs to be done before starting any of the work on your new remodel. This ensures that your kitchen or bathroom will be completed in a timely manner, and that you get exactly what you want. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to find out what we can do for you when it comes to giving you the bathroom or kitchen you deserve.

Benefits of remodeling

newly remodeled kitchenA custom kitchen or bathroom remodel can make all the difference when it comes to your home. You can rest assured that with 1st Plumber to Call you’ll receive the absolute highest quality of service and attention to detail. What are the benefits of having a remodeling job done?

Custom Design – Always wanted to move your sink? Want a shower instead of a tub? Looking to add cabinets on a specific wall? All your custom design ideas can be achieved with a bathroom or kitchen remodel. No matter what plumbing changes you want done, our plumbers can make them happen for you.

Added Comfort – When remodeling your bathroom, it’s time to add complete comfort in your bathroom. Want a Jacuzzi style tub? Looking for a shower with massaging jets? Now is the time to add as many comfort items as you want in your brand new bathroom.

Plumbing Improvements – Old plumbing can be a major hindrance when it comes to your home. From low water pressure to leaks, old pipes have no place in a remodeled bathroom. With an experienced plumber like 1st Plumber to Call you can rest assured that any underlying issues with plumbing will be fixed before installing brand new fixtures.

Added Value – The number one reason that most people decide to go with a kitchen or bathroom remodeling job is simply the amount of added value it brings to your home. When it comes to selling a home that has a modern kitchen and bathroom can lead to big bucks. Additionally, if you decide “hey let’s rent this place out” you’ll typically receive more every month with a newly designed kitchen or bathroom. The biggest benefit of a bathroom remodel is the added value it will have on your home.

A remodeling job is a tall order and it’s one of those things that should never be taken lightly. You should always hire a reputable plumbing company when it comes to redoing your kitchen or bathroom. Luckily for you, there is one right here in your own backyard so to speak. Interested in learning more about kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Canton and Woodstock, GA? Give the experts of 1st Plumber a call today at (404) 758-6237 and we’ll walk you through the entire process beginning to end. At the end of the day don’t you deserve to be happy with your home? Make it a reality with your very own custom designed kitchen or bathroom.