Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

A Picture of a Plumber Under the Sink Working On a Garbage Disposal.

Professional Garbage Disposal Services

Is your old garbage disposal jamming up on a daily basis? Have you been looking to upgrade old disposal that came with the house originally? Having a garbage disposal that works properly will save you time, reduce food odor, and decrease how much food you are throwing away. Here at 1st Plumber to Call, we can take care of garbage disposal installation and repair in Canton, GA. So the next time you’re looking to install a new garbage disposal or have yours repaired, look no further than our plumbing company. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to have one of our experienced plumbing professionals come out and determine what type of plumbing service you need. We can install and repair all garbage disposal brands, so you can feel rest assured that we are able to help you.

Expert Garbage Disposal Installation

For homeowners that enjoy using their kitchens, having a garbage disposal is very important. It is able to dispose of smaller pieces of food so that you don’t have to deal with a smelly trash can. Have you always wanted garbage disposal, but thought there is no way you can afford something like that? We offer a full range of garbage disposals to meet the needs of everyone’s budget. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced professionals about your garbage disposal installation in Canton, GA. With a garbage disposal, you don’t have to throw out every food item, you can get rid of smelly odors, it is a more eco-friendly option, and they are able to last a long time. Get in touch with us to learn more about how garbage disposal can transform the efficiency of your kitchen.

When Do You Need Garbage Disposal Repair?

A Picture of a Man Repairing a Garbage Disposal.

Call Us for Repairs!

Knowing when you need garbage disposal repair can be tough. However, our garbage disposals can exhibit issues that let us know when repairs are needed. These are common issues that will require repair service.

  • Foul odor coming from the garbage disposal.
  • Strange noises coming from the garbage disposal.
  • The garbage disposal won’t turn on.
  • There is water leaking from the garbage disposal.
  • You have to reset the garbage disposal frequently.

If you find that you’re faced with any of these problems be sure to give our plumbers a call today at 404-PLUMBER. No matter if it’s a big or small problem, we will be able to fix your garbage disposal as good as new. If your garbage disposal is in good shape, but you are wanting a new one, our plumbers can install a new one for you. For those times you need a garbage installation or repair in Canton, GA, feel free to contact us.