Repiping Services

Have you been looking for that perfect company to do your house repiping in Canton, Georgia? Here at 1st Plumber to Call we can repipe any size home. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 if you’re needing repiping in Canton and Woodstock, GA. We’re the 1st Plumber to call when it comes to repiping in north Atlanta. We offer the highest quality repiping solutions for all our customers in and around the north Atlanta area!

Do I need repiping?

How old are your pipes? Do you find that the water coming through your fixtures is dirty or foul tasting? Are you suffering from low water pressure? If you’re experiencing any of these problems and the pipes in your house have never been replaced then you may need to think about replacing them. Repiping is the process of replacing the existing plumbing in your home with a brand new set. While it may seem like a large investment at first, it can have various quality benefits for your home. So when you’re looking for repiping in Canton and Woodstock, GA contact 1st Plumber to call today at (404) 758-6237. 

Why should I repipe?

Repiping can have various benefits that makes it a great choice for just about any homeowner. Some of the many, many advantages of repiping your home include:

  • new water pipesImproved water pressure
    • Your pipes can build up all sorts of gunk in them throughout the years. By repiping your home you can increase the amount of water going through them, and increase your water pressure.
  • Higher water quality
    • Was your water maybe tasting a bit funky? You wash the glasses you drink out of, why wouldn’t you want clean pipes supplying that water.
  • Better appliance performance
    • With brand new pipes comes clean free-flowing water, allowing your appliances like the washing machine, ice maker, and dishwasher to work just a little bit easier.
  • Reduce flooding chances
    • Aging pipes can be weak or brittle, making them more prone to bursting when put under any kind of pressure. If your pipes do end up busting contact us about emergency plumbing services.
  • Added home value

    • When you’re searching for a new home do you want the one with the new pipes you don’t have to worry about, or do you want the house with old brittle pipes that could burst at any time. By replacing your old pipes you can actually increase the value of your home.

So the next time you find yourself in need oCanton and Woodstock, GA contact the plumbers you can trust at (404) 758-6237. At 1st Plumber to Call we’ve been providing the north Atlanta area with exception plumbing services for 30 years, and would happy to talk to you about repiping your home