Slab Leak Repair

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Protect Your Foundation with Slab Leak Repair

Do you hear the sound of running water non-stop in your home? Are you noticing higher than usual water bills? These could be signs that you have a slab leak. A slab leak can be devastating to your home or business if not properly cared for. Slab leaks are leaks that are found under the concrete slab of your home or business. The reason that these leaks are so dangerous is that we aren’t able to see them. There are a lot of reasons that these types of plumbing leaks happen is improper installation of pipes, shifting ground or foundation, pipe corrosion, or pipes being exposed to and rubbing against gravel or concrete. If you think you have a slab leak but don’t know what to do, you need to find a plumber you can trust. When you’re looking for a local plumbing company that can take care of a slab leak, look no further than 1st Plumber to Call. We can handle any type of slab leak repair in Canton, GA, so give us a call today at 404-PLUMBER for plumbing service.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak, in basic terms, is when the plumbing beneath the slab foundations of your home or business is damaged. This damage can cause leaks, which can result in water damage to the very foundation of your property. If left in this state for long periods of time, you can quickly find your home or business suffering from structural damage, which can cause thousands of dollars in additional damage to your beautiful home or business.

Our plumbers use the latest techniques and tools needed to find any foundation leaks hidden beneath your home or business. Once found, we will perform the repairs needed to fix the problem, and leave your home or business with fully functioning plumbing in no time. Additionally, we are available for emergency services, which will help to prevent significant water damage to your home or business. Contact us for slab leak repair in Canton, GA now!

Signs You Need Slab Leak Repair

Because a slab leak is when a leak develops beneath the foundation of your home or business, it can be hard to determine if you have a slab leak. While we aren’t able to see these types of leaks, there are signs that indicate when a slab leak is present. Here are signs you have a slab leak.

  • Warped Flooring: Your hardwood floors are warped.
  • Wet Floors: Your carpets or hardwood floors are wet for no reason.
  • Pooling Water: Random pooling water in your home or business.
  • Random Hot Spots: Random areas on your floor that are hot.
  • Lower Water Pressure: You will have water pressure that is lower than usual.
  • Increase in Water Bills: You will notice that there is an increase in water bills.
  • Mold Growth: Mold or mildew growth on your floors.

If you are needing professional slab leak repair in Canton, GA, please call 1st Plumber to Call at (404) 758-6237!

We Offer Leak Detection Service

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Call Us Today To Get This Service!

If you think that you have a slab leak but you are unsure, our plumbing contractors are here to help! Not only do we offer slab leak repair in Canton, GA, but we also offer slab leak detection. The way that we can do this is by using leak detection equipment. This type of equipment can not only accurately detect whether there is a leak, but it doesn’t require ripping up your floors to do so. There are different types of equipment that can be used which includes audio equipment and video cameras to detect where the slab leak is. To get better peace of mind and ensure you don’t have a slab leak in your home or business, call us at (404) 758-6237! We will be able to locate where the slab leak is and repair it right away. With our slab leak repairs, we can prevent any damage to your property.