Water Leak Detection

A Picture of Hands Using a Wrench To Tighten a Pipe.

Accurate Leak Detection Services

Do you constantly hear the sound of running water? Are your water bills higher than usual? Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you’ve actually got a water leak or not. These hidden water leaks can be just as devastating to your home and your belongings as a flood can be. If you find yourself in need of water leak detection in Canton, GA, make 1st Plumber to Call your first choice when it comes to leak detection and repair. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to speak with one of our plumbing professionals.

Do I Have a Leak?

While some water leaks may be seen with the naked eye, others are a little trickery and tend to hide in plain sight. It can sometimes be hard to determine with these. Luckily there are a few tell-tale signs when it comes to hidden water leaks.

  • Low water pressure
  • Sound of running water
  • High water bills
  • Water stains on walls, roofs, and floors
  • Mold growth
  • Mildew Smell
  • Rust on fixtures

As soon as you notice any of these symptoms in your home make sure to give our professionals a call for water leak detection in Canton, GA. We use the latest water leak detection equipment to find your leak with pinpoint accuracy. If it’s an emergency leak, we can offer emergency plumbing services.

What Causes Leaks in Plumbing?

There is any number of reasons your plumbing may start to leak, but there are normally a few things that are more common than others.

Old Pipes – This breakdown can weaken your pipes causing them to spring leaks during normal operation.

Roots – In their search for water, they may grow into your plumbing, eventually leading to leaks.

Poor Installation – More often than not, however, these cheap solutions may mean a sacrifice in quality.

The best way to prevent leaks when it comes to your plumbing is with preventative maintenance. If you’ve already got a water leak or you suspect you have one be sure to give our expert plumbers a call at 404-PLUMBER. We can offer the best water leak detection in Canton, GA.