Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation

cat in tubIs a certain someone in your home using all the hot water every time? Running our of hot water half the way through your shower can be absolutely miserable. Luckily with modern day technology you can have a state of the art instant water heater installed where that clunky old fashioned one use to be. So if your looking for a tankless hot water heater in Canton, Georgia look not further than 1st Plumber to Call. We install and repair tankless hot water heaters in Canton and Woodstock, GA. Give us a call today at (404) 758-6237 to learn more about what we can do for you and your hot water heater.

Should I go tankless?

Do you feel like you’re paying way to much on your energy cost? Tired of a water heater that runs out of hot water mid shower?  If you’re looking for ways to save on your energy cost the experts at 1st Plumber to Call can help! As one of the leading representatives for Rinnai tankless water heaters you can rest easy knowing that we are using the highest quality products in your home. Additionally, our plumbers participate in continuing education courses to ensure that you’re getting the very best in tankless hot water heater installation and repair.

How does it work?

A traditional water heater works by heating up large quantities of water stored in a tank that’s inside of your home. Although this method does work it is incredibly wasteful, and can actually end up costing your more money in the long run. With a conventional water heater you are having to maintain the temperature of the water all day everyday, even if you’re not using it. With an instant water heater you no longer have to worry about disasters like a cracked tank that can spill gallons and gallons of water unto your floor causing massive amounts of damage to your property.

A tankless water heater on the other hand, works by heating water as it’s needed in the home. The worse feeling is getting halfway through your shower and running out of hot water because of that family member that likes to sing in the shower. An instant water heater will provide you and your family with unlimited amounts of water ensuring you always have the perfect amount of hot water any time you need it. This works through source heating which transfers heater directly to the water through a heating element when the water passes over it.

Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

There are a number of reasons one might consider making the switch from a traditional water heater to an energy efficient tankless hot water heater. If you find yourself in need of an instant water heater call the plumbers you can trust to get the job done right, and to get it done quick. Contact us today at (404) 758-6237

Energy Efficiency – The greatest benefit of tankless water heaters is their energy efficiency. The reason a tankless is so energy efficient though is because it’s not having to constantly heat up water and keep it warm. This helps to keep costs down all the while keeping your shower that perfect temperature of scalding that you love.

Size – Another great benefit of tankless water heaters is their size. These units are small enough to fit under the sink in some cases, and versatile enough to be mounted on a wall. Traditional water heaters can take up an entire closet, making tankless units that more appealing for any homeowner.

Limitless Hot Water – Can you take a hot shower, run your faucet for hot water, and wash clothes with hot water at the same time? With a tankless water heater, you will be able to run various hot water appliances at the same time without having to worry about running out of hot water.

Longer Life – A tankless water heater can last significantly longer than a conventional water heater. They can do this because they do not keep water inside, they are less prone to deterioration, ensuring that your family is safe from the risks of water leaks.

To enjoy these benefits and many more make sure to contact your plumbing professionals of 1st Plumber to Call at (404) 758-6237. With over 20 years worth of experience you can rest assured that our certified plumbing experts will be able to set you up with a brand new instant water heater in no time flat.