What Does It Mean When Your Toilet Randomly Runs?

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How Do You Fix a Toilet That Runs Randomly?

When it comes to modern plumbing, one of the most important plumbing fixtures that we have in our home is a toilet. This is a plumbing fixture that we use every single day, multiple times, so its important that its in good condition. However, just like any other plumbing fixture in our home, our toilets can start to develop issues and wear and tear. One of the most common issues that a toilet can have it when it randomly runs. People who have this problem with their toilet typically ask, “Why does my toilet randomly run for a few seconds?” and there are a couple of reasons, but one of the most common reasons has to do with the flapper.

When the toilet is flushed, the flapper will lift up and water will move from the tank to the toilet bowl. Once the water has filled in the toilet bowl, the flapper will push down, thus sealing the tank back up. Because the flapper seals water in the tank, if there is sediment on the flapper or it has become fragile, it can be hard for the flapper to seal the water in the tank, which causes water to slowly drip into the bowl.

If this happening to your toilet, homeowners usually want to know how this problem can be fixed. You can check to see if the flapper is correctly sealing the hole in the tank and if it’s not then you can replace the flapper. If the problem seems more serious than that, then you can call a licensed plumber to diagnose the problem and provide you with toilet repair.

What Causes Running Toilet

One of the main reasons that a toilet constantly runs is due to the flapper not sealing the hole in the tank, there are other reasons why your toilet could be constantly running. These are a few more reasons why your toilet is running more often than usual.

  • Flapper Chain: The flapper is attached to a chain so that it can lift up and down when it seals the hole. Sometimes the chain can be too long or short, which can cause issues with the flapper sealing the hole.
  • Fill Valve: If there is a leak in the fill valve, water will continue to fill in the tank, which causes the toilet to constantly run.
  • Water Level: Not enough water in the tank and too much water in the tank can cause the toilet to constantly run.
  • Toilet Handle: Sometimes it has nothing to do with anything inside of the toilet, but with the handle sticking. If the handle is sticking, then it can let more water into the tank.

By calling a plumber, they will be able to inspect your toilet and determine whether these are these issues are causing your toilet to run continuously. People tend to have a lot of questions about running toilets and toilets in general, so we have compiled a list of questions and answered them! Knowing more about toilet issues will help you know when to get toilet repair.

Will a Running Toilet Increase Water Bill?

People always wonder if their water bill will increase if their toilet constantly runs and the answer is yes. A running toilet can waste upwards of 200 gallons, which can really increase their water bill by a lot. If you have a running toilet, its time to call a plumbing contractor for toilet repair.

Can a Running Toilet Cause a Leak?

While a running toilet can’t cause a leak, the fill valve inside of the toilet can develop a leak, which will cause the tank to slowly fill up. When the tank is constantly being filled, that will cause the toilet to run constantly.

Why Does My Toilet Run So Long After Flushing?

There are several reasons why the toilet runs long after you flush it: the flapper isn’t sealing, the flapper chain is too long or small, there is a leak in the fill valve, the water levels are off, and the toilet handle could be sticking.

Toilet Repair Vs Replacement

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Toilet Repair for Running Toilet

Getting toilet repair or replacement will depend on how often the toilet is running and how severe it is. When it comes to a running toilet, usually a repair will do the trick in fixing it. However, if you have to call a plumber frequently to fix the running toilet, it might be worth it to invest in a new toilet. This can even happen when parts in the toilet have been replaced, which is a good indication that the toilet is just defective and needs to be fully replaced. If you are interested in toilet repair in Canton, GA for a running toilet, contact our plumbing contractors at 1st Plumber to Call. A plumbing contractor able to inspect your toilet and diagnose the problem. From repiping to hydro jetting, there is nothing we can’t handle. Dial (404) 758-6237 to schedule an appointment today for toilet repair service and get an estimate on toilet repair cost.