Your Toilet Options

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or your toilet has seen its last flush, getting a new fixture can be surprisingly overwhelming. Today, there are so many commode choices that most are unsure of what they want or need. Thes basic toilet features can help lead the way.

Your Toilet Options Go on and on. Let Us Help.

Two Piece Models

Toilets re available in two-piece models that have separate bowls and tanks. While these promote easier replacement because you only have to replace the broken piece, they are more difficult to clean and easier to break.

One-Piece Models

Classic one-piece toilets have been around for years and provide a simple, affordable option. However, these toilets can prove to be expensive to replace and are quite heavy.

Tankless and Wall Models

Believe it or not, you can now get a toilet without a tank at all. These toilets hook directly to water lines so they bypass the need for a tank. However, while these systems are incredibly water efficient and easy to clean, they are quite costly initially.

Water Saving Units

A great feature that comes with many toilets today is water efficiency. Ensuring your get an efficient toilet can help save you money on water costs throughout the life of your toilet. These units can be available in double-flush units, low flow units, and tankless versions.

Adding the Extras

Today, you can get just about any product you’re looking for, even in commodes. In some upscale home and apartments, bidets are used to freshen up. Other great add-ons can include radios, hot water options, and even musical editions.

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